Heating film from specialist
infrared heating film

tel. +49 5368 99990 00, wholesale@heating-film-ireland.com

Großhandel Heizfolie Wholesale - Heating film and Showers

We grant our partners up to 60% discount on heating film

25% on Mounting accessories

  • Isolation
  • Mounting tape
  • Cable
  • Connectors
  • Thermostats

  • Minimum consumption - 2 rolls of heating film or insulating fleece

    Prerequisite: Submission of a commercial license or EU tax number
    If you are interested, please contact us via this contact or call us.

    Are you an architect, a developer, do you run your own construction company, do you like innovation, development and ecology and you don’t want to spend money without checking up the product? We guarantee the favourable conditions of cooperation, the professional trainings, the substantial and technical support without the need of investing.

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